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We have a wide variety of unique specialty sliders including six different beef sliders, jerk chicken, and vegetarian options. 

We even have an amazing Belgian waffle bacon cheeseburger, which was named #1 new food to try at the 2021 Big E!

Why Macken's?

What sets us apart from other vendors is the "shareability" of our product. We serve two/three sliders per order and guests can mix and match from our menu. They are the perfect size for kids and great value for everyone else.

Macken's Sliders Garlic Bomb burger


3 sliders $14!


Cajun & BBQ

combo slider

Scratch-made Cajun mayo and our signature BBQ sauce - a real treat for your tastebuds!

Macken's Sliders Cajun & BBQ Cowboy Burger
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